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Mirrorvision Glass TV Screens

Mirrorvision TV / PC Screens have a unique optical glass surface (lens) which enhances the picture quality of the LCD / LED panel. This special ‘reflections technology’ transforms the TV into a mirrored screen, when the screen is switched on the PC / TV images magically appear through the optical mirror glass, then when the display device is switched off the screen surface reverts back to a normal mirror.

Mirrorvision TVs come with a choice of standard decorative frame designs to suit any contemporary or traditional interior (optional custom frames available). The screens have a blacked out video border around the edge of the active display area, coloured options are available upon request. In order to offer our customers the very best, they can choose from a range of TVs (makes and models) utilising either LCD or LED technology. Standard screen sizes range from 22” – 57” diagonal (custom sizes available up 82” diagonal). Mirrorvision TVs transform any space, allowing the screen to become an integral part of any room’s décor.


» Reflections technology
» Optical mirror glass screen
» Standard screen sizes (10” – 70”)
» LCD or LED technology
» HD Ready
» Range of standard frame designs
» Wall mountable


» Standard or custom frame designs
» Dual purpose screen (mirror effect)
» Enhanced picture quality
» Integrates with environment
» Stylish slim design (LED technology)
» Custom screen sizes (up to 70”)
» Choose from various TV brands

Recommended Applications

» Windows and doors
» Designer home interiors
» Home theatre / entertainment
» Hotels / restaurants / cafes
» Nightclubs / bars / health clubs
» Corporate boardrooms / receptions
» Fashion stores / changing rooms
» Hair / beauty salons

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