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Mirrorvision Glass TV Screens

Pro Display is focused on creating innovative screen solutions for the home, by integrating our technologies with the environment. Our design team are looking at new and exciting ways of incorporating our screen technologies into structures (walls/ceilings), furniture and fixtures within different parts of the home. Imagine a home where flat panel screen technologies are built into the walls, ceilings, doors and appliance’s, or table top furniture incorporating touch screen technology giving you instant access to the internet or your favourite movies.

A world where screens become the focal point of your room allowing you access to all kinds of information at the touch of a button – PC, Internet, TV, movies and surveillance cameras.

Pro Display can custom make screen solutions for the home that can make this dream become a reality. We are currently working on a number of new products and solutions.

Interactive Glass Tables – touch screen becomes an integral part of the furniture.

High-Brightness LCD TV screens for outdoors (patio areas, sunrooms, gardens)

Designer furniture – screen technology becomes an integral part of the structure.

If you are looking to create a custom screen solution for your home, send us the information and we will contact you with our proposals.


» Reflections technology
» Optical mirror glass screen
» Standard screen sizes (10” – 70”)
» LCD or LED technology
» HD Ready
» Range of standard frame designs
» Wall mountable


» Standard or custom frame designs
» Dual purpose screen (mirror effect)
» Enhanced picture quality
» Integrates with environment
» Stylish slim design (LED technology)
» Custom screen sizes (up to 70”)
» Choose from various TV brands

Recommended Applications

» Windows and doors
» Designer home interiors
» Home theatre / entertainment
» Hotels / restaurants / cafes
» Nightclubs / bars / health clubs
» Corporate boardrooms / receptions
» Fashion stores / changing rooms
» Hair / beauty salons

ProDisplay Cyprus Innovative Display Solutions

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