Interactive Touch

intouch from Pro Display offers new levels of touchscreen performance and flexibility with its range of multi-touch display solutions. Interactive kiosks to advertise, inform and entertain. Interactive screens for education, business, retail and more. And interactive overlays to convert non-touch screens into immersive multi-touch displays.

intouch with your audience… education, business, retail, public transport and visitor attractions

intouch with your budget… a cost-effective range of multi-touch display solutions

Be smart.. Get intouch


Instantly transform any display into a high-resolution touchscreen with our infra-red bezels and capacitative foil overlays.


Our latest, most accurate 10-point interactive screens. Responsive, high contrast, rich colour HD screens for business, entertainment and education. Get intouch…


High-definition, high-resolution touchscreen kiosks to inform, advertise and entertain. Just imagine a touchscreen phone the same size as your home TV…

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